There's an old saying that paybacks are a,...well, you know. Got a feeling the Bucs are in payback mode preparing to host the Falcons this weekend.

In that Thursday night game, over a month ago, the Falcons broke some team and individual franchise records. The return guy achieved an NFL record in that game to boot. It was a steam-roll job, a rout, an ass kicking and if you've played in games like that it ain't fun unless you're the guys embarrassing the other guys.

After that game the Bucs got better but the Falcons lost 4 straight games.

And that's what concerns me about the Bucs. Their defense hasn't been great but they have play-makers and the Falcons line and protection scheme is all but suspect in my most humble opinion.

The worst thing that could happen for Tampa is the Falcons having success running the ball and eating up clock. If this were the Falcons and Saints it'd be an easy total points scored around 70. With the Bucs and Falcons you can almost cut that sum in half.

Falcons are a 1 point favorite as of tonight. Let's see if that changes cause if I were a bettor money would go to the home team with that tease of a spread.