Reminds me of a Metallica release, kill 'em all.

Falcons fans want some firings ranging from firing Mike Smith to sending Dimitroff back to California where he can do some more skate-boarding and surfing. It just goes to show when fans have been spoiled with winning seasons and things turn sour for a couple years how fickle they can be.

Is Arthur Blank angry at this 2014 team? Well hell yeah. Will Blank keep his word that every player, coach, etc. are accountable for their work? We will see after this season but there's idiots suggesting firing Smith now and placing,...oh yeah,...putting Mike Tice in the head coaching position. lawl idiots

Don't know where these fans get or even have these ridiculous thoughts but they're thinking it.

And ya know what? I agree in a sense. If things look this bleak go ahead and clean house. Re-hire Jerry Glanville as washed up head coach, maybe bring back Dan Reeves. The most ridiculous thing I read was trying to hire one of the brothers from the Ravens or Niners. lawl

So tonight we'll kick back and watch MNF.

In the mean time Falcons fans can watch, as we did all day today, real football.