Back when I got my first computer and clicked something just to explore a window would come up asking me, "what the hell is this?" In a way sort of insulting a machine asking wtcrap are you, an idiot? But so a question comes to mind,...why are the NFL magnates, the elitists screwing with the schedule after this season?

But what's more daunting are teams the poor Falcons must face away and at home this season. But just asking, will the NFL adjust the current scheduling since 2002? It's amost comical. Back in the '70's and '80's the NFL scheduled games for the big boys, the Packers, Steelers, Niners, the BILLS, Jets and Giants. These teams make more money than the little teams, the Jags, Titans and Falcons.

Oh it's certain there'll be prime time games for those little franchises, as like throwing a bone. What it is the NFL wants to keep teams from having to travel so much. They are liars.