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That's a shaky bridge. We need a bridge to the bridge for all the series/games/weeks Vicks will miss. First start and he pretty much got concussed. Let's be real, he was wobbling walk off the field. Even if I loved loved loved this player i would feel exactly the same way I do about RG3. Incredible talent that will NEVER HELP YOU because he can't stay on the field.

You can wish and hope that Vick stays healthy and you know what that make you, the EXACT SAME as idzik whom you bash for drafting injury prone players in Milliner and McDougle. How is it different. Vick made it through 16 games a grand total of once. ONCE! In 12 seasons. Once = 1. Singular. Uno. 1 < 2. Your bridge is a wobbly shaky one and it's just about a lock you will NEED someone else to play in addition to your bridge.

Everyone said Carson Palmer couldn't stay healthy, he was finished, well he missed a game this year but his team is still 7-1. Would the Cardinals be better off with always healthy Matt Cassel?

If you have a better "realistic" bridge qb I'm all ears.