Maybe, just maybe time away from the game, time away from coaches and Flowery Branch will do this team something good, dunno about this bunch.

Lots of players will be at the complex on their days off for rehab with injuries and maybe Matt Ryan and Roddy White work on some new routes or something, dunno if the routes will ever be long ones due to a lack of protection to the passer.

And maybe Mike Tice can somehow get his O-line angry or something and start getting personal fouls for un-necessary roughness after the whistle. Believe me when an O-line gets ugly it EFFECTS the defense, I promise. Sure, it might cost a posession but in the 4th qtr. you see the affect, dunno about what Tice is doing although in the London game the line played *better* than they did the last month and even pulled the right guard at the goal line for a score. It was beautiful to see.

There ain't no maybe to this,...maybe the media will start recognising individual Falcons players like on the defense. In the London game, supposedly a Falcons home game, Troy(I bought a skater some roses)Aikman and Tom Brehhanennn literally had history on many Lions players, some not even stars yet and when it came to the Falcons defense???<crickets> And honestly I can't name, wait yes I can. Was about to say I can't name the defensive line but I can. Can't remember the safety, #41, the rest yeah.

So the bye week is upon us. It'll still be fun watching games Sunday but guess what? Tonight will be a great night to watch two good teams. I'm looking for a run-fest by both offenses but I know that Payton. The Saints will pass the ball at least 35 times. If the Panthers get behind they might throw it 40 times. It'll be fun!