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Thread: OT: NFLN Molly Qerim

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    OT: NFLN Molly Qerim


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    Gosh Darn!

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    Theres just something about Molly...

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    The thing to keep in mind, is that lot of these photos are nothing more than glorified Glamour Shots, what with the computer editing. Same thing with television, where these women are heavily dolled up and get proper lighting. To have an accurate idea of this woman't true beauty, I would need to see some amateur shot nude selfies at least!

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    See what I can do.....waiting for mail order night vision camera

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    What about hot weatherwomen in tight sweater dresses? If they didn't have that graphic at the end, I doubt many people would know what they said.

    Oh, how they know how to get ratings. lol

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