Not a bad game atall as they say there.

Both teams made plays on both sides. It was a little more important for the Lions to win which leads into tonight's game.

There were some things with time clocks which was puzzling. A review could make things clear as to when the official started the play clock, but hey, it's over and the best team won.

One positive,...Mike Tice's O-line played well for about three qtrs. Funny, appeared the line did a better job at pass blocking than run blocking the entire game. One would think run blocking would be easier but maybe that's just me. The Falcons O-line will play better even with the young guys, undrafted guys and all that. The bye week is muchly needed.

Now it's about time to watch the Saints and Packers.

Oh and btw, it was rough to start the morning watching your game at 9:30 but by the 2nd qtr after two beers it was alright.

Although it seems a waste of money to do this,...the field had the Falcons logo, the end zones were painted Atlanta Falcons, there were cheerleaders there.

It was a good game to watch.