There be three things the Falcons might do to win the game tomorrow.

They might protect the QB with two tight ends if necessary to get the damn football down the field with a vertical pass. Lately it's been the chuck and duck like back when we had that red gun offense with no blocking to count on(that includes you mister expert Jamie Pukes). Oh yeah, he's been called that long before that post. He was like,...OLE!!!! KILL MY QB OLE!

Play calling,...I'm so sick of this read bullshit. SOOO sick of the bubble screen just is sickening to see NFL talent wasted on college based plays. You can try to rational any way you might but it's not hard to figure an offense that attacks, history proves, dictates the outcome from every play, that's the offense that wins games. But to get the ball downfield with the pass is determined by Ryan's protection. There must be time to allow the reciever to make his moves and get open deep. I promise you Matt Ryan would love to throw deep more than the dunks he's forced to toss.

What is wrong? Where is the RISE UP nation? Where is there any flame or acting like you enjoy being in an NFL game with these Falcons. There's no real emotion on the sideline nor the bench when the highly paid athletes are sitting on their haunches waiting for the next paycheck and vacation.

The Falcons are spoiled.

As for the game, who knows maybe the Falcons had so much time together in the flight to England they came together and agreed they will rise up. There was a time recently when you knew the Falcons.