Some people might get angry, but I'm gonna laugh at this idiot. Amazing,...he's being paid real money to write his horse SHIT.

Lions injuries give the Falcons a shot??? how do some people post it,...buuuwahhhaaa,...or maybe LOLOLOL,...or maybe like I do now it's LAWL. Ya know the dumb white man that didn't know what laughing out loud was? LAWL BABY! That's what it sounds like to me LAWL. Damn it.

The Lions injuries could give the Falcons a shot, a shot at what fool? To lose by a few points rather than lots of points? These idiots that give a team like the Lions a break cause of injury seemed to forget what the LOWLY COONS have endured so far this season. It almost makes a sane person angry at the deception, the BIAS, the ignoring of facts,...sounds like the White House.

The game is being played somewhere other than in America so what that means is the favored team will win every damned time playing in Toronto, Tokyo, Berlin or London. Hell, that happens in the USA regarding the NFL.

The Lions injuries give the Falcons,...LAWL a shot,...give me a break Casserly. Your toopee is wrongly dyed because a man of your age has white hair, even if it's his own hair unlike your colored rug. Good thing you wear those $1000 glasses too so you can use them to start paper fires in your office when you get bored. It takes sunlight idiot, not injuries.

So the Falcons have a shot, for what who knows? A shot at upsetting a sure winner maybe. A shot at,...wait a minute, doesn't a shot require a gun of some sort?

Reminds me of a bartender once asked me if I wanted a beer in the hole,...I said HELL NO. Drink my beer one at a time.

The Falcons have a shot due to Lions injuries. You make me laugh this time Tupee boy.