One prominant site operated by a distinct idiot suggests the Falcons fire Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff. How soon these desires to be ingratiated every damn season by people who wrote bad things even though there was 5 straight seasons with a winng record. Now they want blood it appears for a bad start to this season when any fool can see injuries and perhaps some questionable moves by the GM could be warranted. If Mike Smith is the reason the Falcons defense sucks then I agree with that beef IF it's so.

On a lighter note,...playing in London is kind of cool. Sometimes an Englander will peruse a message board and they are much fun to chat with. They know the English language, not like most NFL players. They use words we don't but still a part of an old language that's in dictionaries all over the World.

Perhaps this is what the Falcons needed before the bye week. Maybe after losing 4 O-linemen, a couple LBs,...ahhh can't complain about injuries. Every team has them. Guess it's all about the backups so ya sign more than the 1st rounders.

If I were an English man would I prefer red and black or Columbion Blue as a uniform to pull for? I guarantee you very few native Englandishes knows who Devin Hester is for that matter Matthew Stafford. Ah yes, Stafford gets better in England watch and see.