Everyone pack up for London! There'll be time for the Lions and Falcons players/coaches to enjoy jolly old Angland before the game. Drink a few bitters with a shot of grog and have fun boys.

May as well have fun after yesterday's performance. Enjoy the trip like it's a vacation which it is! After this trip there's a bye for you Falcons to rest up and pour it on the second half of the season. At 2-6 going into a bye there's still a mathematical chance of making the playoffs.

What is there to say about the loss to the Bears? Falcons are on their third center of the season with the rest of the line appearing they are dancing to Harry James. Who knows what the defense is trying to do anymore and on top of all that the locker room type feel good stuff(sideline stuff during the game too), looks bad between players. The Falcons may have a segment of the roster who are thugs and are playing for a paycheck instead of working towards a Super Bowl win. Oh yeah in time I will list names of these leeches on the Falcons roster.

But for now let's enjoy Big Ben, the English Channel and the Eiffel Tower,...you can see it from Alaska geesh.