Both are in their seventh season. Both were drafted in the 1st round, Ryan the 3rd overall pick and I think Flacco was chosen around 16th overall, somewhere around there.

And Flacco has a ring.

Career stats

Flacco has 2009 completions after 3323 attempts, a 60.5% ratio for 23,143 yards. He's tossed 133 TD passes along with 81 INTs.

Ryan has passed for 25,322 yards in seven seasons completing 2242 of 3522 attempts. He's thrown 165 TD passes, 84 INTs and currently owns a career passing percentage of 63.7%.

Ryan was awarded Rookie of the Year after the 2008 season but Flacco has a ring.

Lots of Falcons fans when comparing Flacco and Ryan say Joe has played on a team with a better defense. That still applies today and should be very evident around 4PM ET this Sunday afternoon.

Ryan's stats are impressive as he had a shot getting to a Super Bowl recently but his defense couldn't stop the Packers.

Flacco has a ring.