This is fantasy football at its best. A loss Sunday means the Falcons are done birds, toast.

It would take the Falcons controlling the clock with the run game. Would take Jackson rushing for over 100 yards. To win Sunday in Baltimore the Falcons must score a defensive touchdown. Then they can't allow any defensive score by the Ravens or the game's over right then.

More fantasy,...if the Falcons go up in score their defense must harrass Flacco or the Ravens will come back.

But here's some reality. The last two games players appear to be sleepwalking showing little or zero emotion. I thought you guys were playing to entertain us instead of acting like our attention is entitled. A loss in Baltimore, which there's a 99% chance that's gonna happen, is el fin for 2014 and there's been no sense of urgency at all. Have they thrown in the towel this soon?