TNF,...Jets at Pats,...eccch.

Reason I started this post maybe, just maybe it'll be a good game. Not to say anything Jets fans already know but, well just lemme say the refs will have something to do with this game. That's an easy prediction!

Then there's Sunday in Baltimore. eccch.

Try to be positive maybe. The football has a wierd shape and can bounce in all kinds of ways. Well crap, can't think of anything else positive. Could go out on a ledge and hope the defense plays defense and the offense can run the ball. And that could be a key, I dunno anymore.

If somehow Steven Jackson gets more carries than 8 in a game with more than 36 yards well damn, wouldn't that help? I'm not down on Jackson although it looks like he's really not hungry if that makes sense.

Before the game someone should slap his big face and make him mad. Knowing Jackson it might take slapping his face each time he goes on the field. The guy is a massive runner with SPEEED, if he ever gets past the first level. As usual it's easy to blame the O-line but damn ya'll at least open a hole once or twice please?

Jets at Pats,...eccch. Ryan versus Belichick, two defensive minds.

My advice to the Falcons defensive minds. Watch the game tonight close if you wish to win anymore games this season.