Thought it might be a 6 point spread at the most 6.5. It's seven. It was expected a 6 point spread would go up as the week goes by but it appears a 7 point spread *should* go up too.

The Falcons and Ravens offense have very similar stats but when it comes to defense Baltimore shadows the Crows. It's difficult to be optimistic with this team anymore, the Falcons that is.

May as well have a nice meal before the game and take a nap before halftime. Not to be so negative but Falcons players are asleep while in uniform for some reason. But the football is not totally round and bounces in funny ways so who knows?

Just wish it seemed the Falcons could make it a game. But right at this moment if I had to wage money it'd be the Ravens even with an 8 point spread which it should be.