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    Several things

    Where has this guy been?

    This his ninth season and it's safe to say judging from the first 6 games he's not getting open and when he does there's no seperation from downfield tacklers. Roddy is a great receiver but his best days are long gone.

    Then there's this from the D-coor,..."The pressure on every play, on an explosive play in particular, and one where he (QB) can throw it that far down the field, you want to make sure you get near the quarterback."

    Say what? yeah there were 2 sacks and 6 hurries last Sunday but on those explosive plays which appeared no cover man had any idea where the receivers were going cause they were in some kind of loose zone,...<sigh>which zone cover requires some semblence of pressure on the QB, there was no "getting near the quarterback." And that's bullshit anyway,...NO DON'T GET NEAR THE QB, GET THE DAMNED QB BEFORE HE'S READY TO THROW ANYWAY. Disrupt his pocket and get his ass, don't just be content with "getting near" the sob damn what is up with these people?

    And Arthur Blank is confident the Falcons will turn it alllllll around going to play in Baltimore Sunday then going to host the Lions in London,...a FALCONS HOME GAME TERMINATED(inagine the money the city of Atlanta lost), then a bye.

    Not to be Debbie Downer once again but after 2-6 and then going against the Panthers is not a flowery scenario in my thinking.


    This guy has the right idea
    enough is enough!

    Hey baby,...we quit buying NFL crap years ago. Let season tickets go cause the cost. Still love the team but they seem to be doing fine without my pocketbook.
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