Shannon Sharpe,...embicile

Today Shannon Sharpe Didn't just pick one player out like he does with certain QBs like Ryan, Eli, Matthew STAFFORD!, Jay Cutler and never questions other QBs, ahem, because of bias. Nope, today Sharpe called out the entire Falcons defense.

Sharpie said, of course after the embarrasing loss in New Jersey, the Falcons defense cannot stop the run nor the pass. Did this idiot not see the TNF game? Did he not see that the Bucs played a great game in a loss IN Nawlins last Sunday?

Shannon Sharpe is the bigtime proponent of the mobile QB, you know, that "new breed" QB the media has labeled. Funny that QBs have been mobile since the '50's but now it's somehow different. Now it is an agenda.

It's funny to me how many people, fans and media members despise the Falcons. They are not willing to, will not give any creedence or praise to a winning organisation since 2008 and guess what,...screw them.

Oh yeah, the Falcons defense appears vulnerable but Sharpie didn't mention Matt Ryan,...another QB he has dissed in recent years. And the fact the Falcons can lose a game 34-31 scoring all they can to prevent the defense from being so damned awful.

We know the defense is hurting from injury,...pile it on pretty boy, your brother does look like a horse.