Interesting that the spread has decreased to 6.5. Is this a rouge or a head-fake by the ones who sets these spreads to make them ungoldy amounts of money or,...are they wary of the Falcons for whatever reason I can't figure? It has to be a trap and in this case for tomorrow's game, If I wagered which I don't, I'd take that spread in a second.

In the old days when a spread went down or up, it meant there was heavy wagering one way or the other so Vegas would adjust the spread through the week. I dunno ya'll, just can't see lowering the point spread because peoples have been bettin' on the Falcons to cover the spread, maybe I'm an idiot.

Already said it should be an 8 point spread if they were honest.

BTW,...a Steelers fan was the first I've heard rat bird before. That's what he called the Ravens, RAT BIRDS. There is a definite rivalry between Steelers and Ravens fans, no damned doubt.