Maybe Devin Hester has something for his former team. It'll take him scoring at least one TD either by catching a pass or returning a punt/kickoff to prevent a loss at the GA Dome Sunday.

This is a difficult game to predict but there are some sure things.

The Falcons will try to run the ball early and to no avail I'm afraid. The trend all this season is to try to run it and when it's 2nd and 11 time to throw the ball. Another trend is one that drove me crazy playing football.

The WORST thing in the world for a defender is facing a 2nd and 1 yard to go for a 1st down. It's like dammit man. The Falcons defense has faced this all season and it's simply poor defense. But still there's very little ya can do with that type situation.

The Falcons are, amazingly, 3 point faves Sunday and the experts expect something around a 30-24 game in score. 55.5 is the line.

We have two seasoned QBs and the Bears have a good defense. The Falcons can score points easily if they go after it even against that defense.

Something wierd about this game. I wonder if Bears fans recall the last game they played at the GA Dome. History proves games between these teams are always close.