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Thread: So sad...yet very true in many ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JWilly View Post
    ...If Rex had a top 10 QB this whole time, seriously man , what would the net results be for these 6 years. They would be INCREDIBLE. Maybe not a ring, than can never be assumed but wins and losses, playoff appearances, playoff wins???? Comeon.

    Stay the course and find a QB!!!!!!!!!!
    A good QB is not going to suddenly make the Jets a disciplined, well prepared team. A good QB is not to suddenly lead to consistent player development on both sides of the ball. A good QB is not going to suddenly make the coaching staff make excellent in-game decisions and management. A good QB will cover up a lot of imperfections of a coaching staff, but those imperfections come out big time deep in the playoffs and especially in a Championship Game or Super Bowl. That's the point a lot of us are trying to make.

    If your point is that the guiding principle of a team should be making decisions geared towards winning multiple Super Bowls, i.e. QBIE, then I don't see how you can support anything less than truly excellent HC and coaching staff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JWilly View Post
    Remember the early Rex? Going for it on 4th ALL THE TIME. Onside kicks. Sending the house on the biggest, scariest plays. Rex always played to win. But when your offense turns the ball over the ABSOLUTE MOST in the league you are forced to get more careful. Period. That would be on of those "adjustments" that many people are saying Rex is too stupid, or stubborn to make.

    I'm still waiting for you to come up with just simply a SECOND EXAMPLE of any HC ever, in the history of football, old era, new era, pre merger, post merger, dig it up man, that has been able to WIN CONISTENTLY while having QBs that LEAD THE LEAGUE in TOs.
    Those are examples of being reckless, not aggressive JW. Again, it's the HC's job to make sure the team minimizes turnovers through being disciplined, well prepared, and executing properly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet_Engine1 View Post
    Did I? Don't remember saying any such thing.....I was just responding to the Namath thing. Was I tripping on Ambien or something? Hmmm......
    Sorry Engine...I started confusing your posts with JWs!!!

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