cutler- Anglo-French origin refers to one who makes knives. Cutlass refers to a short knife that sailors used a short, thick sword. I wonder if Jay Cutler is a Pisces.

Maybe we all look at players different but I don't have to like a player and not respect his abilities. One guy comes to mind is Tony Romo. He has tremendous ability which is respected in full. Then there's the old guys out of the game. Man, Troy Aikman needs to get his teeth off my TV. Ray Lewis? And I guess this is all about likability and let's just enjoy the game so here it is.

Jay Cutler once upon a time came to the GA Dome wearing orange and blue. The knifster sliced the Falcons and gave them their only home loss of that season. We didn't know who he was but his pinpoint passes sure made us remember him. Cutler was a Bronco then and at that time we all thought this was a sure home win. The loss put the Falcons in a lower playoff thingie. Jay is back now wearing a dark helmet and some orange again.

Lots of times we have to know that it's hard to really get to know someone and it's kind of like the commercial Cutler was in. It was funny because his demeanor was genuine. So it sounds like I'm building Cutler up? Oh nooooooo'=

A talking head said Monday that Cutler cost the Bears a win by throwing the late INT. Always the blame game.

But I'm warning all Falcons fans this,...If Cutler is on his game and the Falcons can't pressure him? Sounds like rocket science to me.