Max Unger/Alex Mack,...draft day 2009.

The people running this site are amazing to me. They watch things most of us don't have time to or maybe we're not as sharp. In either case it's a pleasure to be informed instead of having to listen to boomer or crack pipe irvin.

I wondered where he went, Max Unger. It's difficult to keep up with players drafted in 2009 and to see him today leading a stout Seahawks O-line is telling.

Alex Mack was and is the finest center to come out of college in many years. He now is a Brown and is a Pro-Bowler. It was 2009 when he was drafted 15th overall, I believe, that Spring.

Some of us were pounding the Falcons front office with advice after an 11-5 season in 2008. What I saw was a chance to solidify the O-line for at least 8 years by trading up to draft either Mack or Unger. At that time the Falcons was playing a 33 year old, 5'10" 289 lbs. center and decided it'd be alright. So Dimitroffski trades his 2nd round pick to the Chiefs for,...Tony Gonzales? Any package with a 1st round and a second round pick would have moved the Falcons to choose either of those great centers. But no, they needed a washed up old TE to act like a matador when blocking and make some great catches because he was too old and slow to make the moves.

Phil Simms has been on a barn-burning thingie about the teams that build their O-lines and that teams which spend and acquire the finest O-linemen will always make the playoffs.

Why shit man, we've been saying that forEVAH!

Oh yeah,...and the Falcons 1st round pick in 2009 has retired from football.