What would Glanville do?

Jerry Glanville would stack the line with at least 9 men at the line of scrimmage and dare the opposing offense to beat them with the pass. It's funny because Mike Smith and Glanville's defenses rely on the inside linemen to disrupt the run game. Smith ain't been stopping no run game lately. And fair enough there were times whan Glanville's Flacons defenses were gashed.

Today on the NFLN they asked a question, which defense should be more concerning the Saints or Falcons D. That was an easy question but the reason given by one talking head was interesting. He said the Falcons don't have a marquee defensive player,...like what? Ohhhhh fantasy, sorry I got it now.

After the loss to the Bengals a friend said he thinks Mike Nolan has to go. After the loss at the U of Minnesota last week he says he should be fired. I dunno,...Mike Smith was a D-coor and had a great defense way back then.

A Saints analogy here. When Ryan attacks with his defense it seems to create more havoc.

Bottom line is this. In the NFL if you play a base 4-3 or 3-4 in zone coverage QBs like Manning, Brady, Bradshaw or even Staubach will riddle the secondary unless,...unless he has no time to throw. Think about that Nolan.