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    The wahh waah waaah post

    The week after the Falcons beat the Bucs on TNF the talking heads had them rated #10 in their power rankings. I laughed then and it's still funny. Maybe they were setting Vegas up or something who knows.

    Any sober NFL can see the Falcons are in deep doo-doo the rest of this season. Hell they may lose their bye-week in more ways than can be made fun of. Someone tears a bicep lifting weights or someone gets busted for drinking or even soliciting an officer to get a bj like Eugene Robinson did the night before Super Bowl 33, anydamnthing can happen to this cursed like Hell franchise. People around the country do not like the Falcons period. Might be a dislike for the city or State, maybe they hate the Bulldogs so much it spills over towards the Falcons I still to this day do not know.

    The Giants media are all giddy today and great for them. They came back from a 10 point deficit but hey ya'll,...even when it was 20-10 into the 3rd qtr. some of us knew what was gonna happen.

    Oh yeah I could go into personel and poor drafting, poor free agent acquisitions the last 7 years of this regime.

    All I knows is after 7 years, spending billions of dollars on players, the facilities' cost and so forth,...this really sucks badly dude. No offensive NOR defensive strength up front is enough but to think this team had 7 years to win a Super Bowl, HELL, at least appear in one is ridiculous.

    As Terry Bradshaw said during the Vick debacle,..."it'll get better Falcons fans." This time it don't look good for things to get better for the Falcons and thier fans.

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    not this year
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