Just a few thoughts,...

Hey Vikings, ya got one of the best running backs duo in the league. Use them! Fantasy folks are talking about only one of those fine young backs. Use them! Dang they gashed the Falcons after taking the lead.

All ya'll in Texas there's the State Fair and the battle of Texas in the NFL this weekend. Wash your hands.

We'll see if the Patriots rebound after an embarrassing loss(to them that is, as a Falcons fan I'm accustomed to being embarrassed). After 12 years of unprecedented wins the Pats get my respect but that's about all. And ya wonder when the dynasty will fall if at all in today's NFL.

Are the Chiefs for real? It's similar to what people said about the Falcons. When you win a Super Bowl we'll talk great team.

Falcons at the New Jersey JETS Stadium. To keep this short that topic needs another post in itself.