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Thread: Booo!

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    The Fins an Jets have fallen to their respective positions at the cellar of the AFCE and both have to play 1PM games against mediocre opponents. By any measure, whichever team comes out on top becomes the hare while the other is a tortoise in the "race" to the wild card berth. Of course, Jets have a much more interesting matchup (in terms of W expectation) to see. But if they can't use their run strength and massive OL to neuter the nastiest front in the league and just perhaps, the leagues' best pure passer, sayonara.

    I like the game for Miami. We're good based on series history. Miami fans know Oakland is virtual cake, an antithesis to having to play at Buffalo. Hopefully Miami will survive this prediction but as for myself, no worries.
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    Hey what happened to my red star?

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    Ok a soliloquy works for me. Let's see what's coming up this week for the Fin's. Butt first let's look at Week Six Power Rankings, "Fins #17... Jets #29. Okay we as in play at home after a bye week and the Pack is back. Unfortunately, they're back to the wall in being #28 offensively compared to Miami's O #15 and on the other side, our defense is not what we thought it was. But we are statistically the NFL's #7 D (two behind the J-E-T-S) compared to Pack's #22. How is this working out for you so far?

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    I'm following the Cheese head game here. So far it went erratically. During the first half both teams failed to capitalize on mistakes. Nice adjustments for the second half produced a tie game. Even after that the score was misleading; the stats were all on Green Bay by 2 to 1 or more.

    Miami came back impressively during the rest of 3RD quarter and right now hold a 24-17 lead and they've surpassed GB statistically too. It is like one of those games where one team blows out to a 24-3 halftime lead and then the other team comes back and wins 31-27 or something. Pack counterattacks in a steady drive however it stalls and they'll settle for a FG with 4-1/2 minutes remaining on the clock, 24-20 Fins lead.

    Interestingly, Tannehill and Rodgers are tied with the exact same number of pass completions and passing yards at this point. Our rushing production is also tied with the Packers, only that Miami has done it with Laser efficiency: in 20 minutes compared with the Pack's hidebound 35 minute poss. time.

    Tannehill's two first half INT's introduced us to a scary Halloween sort of game then ace receiver Hartline appeared to go out to injury. Wallace, Landry & Clay take up the slack. Back to the action, Miami wasted a 3-9 opportunity with 2:15 minutes to go and punt. After a nice return, another first-down run has GB poised at midfield at 2:00.

    I sure hope that Miami can hold them down, as it certainly appears they're capable of. The D rested somewhat during the 2-min warning and bottled up a run. Frustrated, Rodgers goes back to pass, got sacked by Cam Wake, and fumbles. G.B. recovers, though they can't run again and on 4th down A.R. throws a nice 20 yard completion, to Miami's 30. They'll need a TD to win, with a minute remaining. This is pretty exciting. It's 2 incomplete passes then a 10-yard completion for a 1st and 10 at the Miami 20.

    In no-huddle mode, Rodgers' passes are good for 4 and 12 yds. and they have 6 seconds remaining on the clock. After a Miami time out, G.B. throws for a TD. Unless Fins can put together a game-winning KO return or Hail-Mary pass, we're going to go down 27-24.

    In situations like these it's always good to have an A.R.'s at QB. While we're awaiting our fate here, in other news the Jets lose and N.E. picks up a W. Fins have one play left.

    It doesn't get any easier for the Fins after this, they have two road games and then San Diego visits, I think. It would be a nice W to have, so they come up with multi-lateral passes in a scheme that eventually gains them good yardage but winds up in a fumble.
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