How is it that Mike Nolan can come up with a D scheme that pretty much dominated Tampa, and the 2 previous weeks the D looked less than stellar. Granted Tampa will need half the season to adjust to their Lovey staff, and NO and Cinci are 2 very good teams that can confuse defenses.

I know it's just 3 weeks in, but, Nolan has been here for several years, area's have been addressed but Dimitrof has padded the offense and thrown the D a couple of bones but has not concentrated on D. The secondary has been drafted and looks decent but are young. The D line are all unknowns, even Osi-manure which is second string and a situational player. .HAH a part time millionaire.

In the third game the D finally pressured the QB, this week they must be very careful to dedicate someone quick and nimble to spy Bridgewater or the pressure can backfire. So the question remains, can Nolan get it done again.

My only reasoning is these 2 coordinators we have has had ample time to win it all if they are that good. This year Nolan must fall on the sword if HIS D fails again. All reports on this man speak of his propensity to blitz. He must have left that in San Fran because since coming to Atlanta I can count on 1 hand the times he blitzed more than 4 times in a game. I'm sorry but I seriously doubt that is the standard for a blitzing team.