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Thread: The Bridgewater era begins

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    The Bridgewater era begins

    M Cassel has been placed on IR so ready or not the Teddy Bridgewater era is here.

    Bridgewater looked good, but not spectacular coming in off the bench for injured M Cassel last week. He looked good enough for me to get excited to see what he can do now that he will be preparing as the starter all week in practice. Atlanta has a strong offense which is likely to force Bridgewater into a shoot out right out of the gate. At least his first start is coming on a home game.
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    Yeah, I liked just about everything I saw from Bridgewater. He was very conservative early but, opened up a bit more as the game went on. Might have just been him taking what the defense gave him and then hitting downfield as they tried to tighten up all around. Lacking Peterson and Rudolph scares me a bit but, he seems to really now how to work the checkdown properly (sorry Ponder) so I'm not as worried. Turner knows how to keep a guy available to pick up solid yards down low.

    This week will be a big test. He did seem a bit nervous early (to be expected) but, cleaned up pretty quick. He'll have a week to prepare for the start but, their defense will also have a week to prepare for him. Don't want any bad omens but, Brooks Bollinger always looked great in relief and then stunk it up when known to be the starter. Maybe that's just my inner Viking's QB dread talking...

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    He'll be fine. And try not to remember 1999 so much like they're already doing(prolly Packers fans).

    I think Bridgewater gets some rushing yards in the area of 40 yards. And good grief after seeing him last week in New Orleans, the guy has the arm strength. Falcons best play that deep-two-deep safety formation.

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    The Vikings' offense has been pretty anemic since the Peterson suspension. Their running game has been non existent, Patterson has been a non-factor and Matt Kalil has had a difficult time in pass protection. So Teddy is going to need a little help, but I'm looking forward to watching him develop regardless.

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    This has been a really tough season for Minny...playing in a substitute stadium with the face of the franchise out and a rookie QB, good job staying competitive and looking forward to seeing them play in the new palace.
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