To go 3-1 in September is more than I expected. Would've been glad with 2-2 but there's a difference here. Going into Minnesota 1-2 would've made Sunday's game a must win but now at 2-1 it becomes a statement game. Hope the Falcons coaching staff understands this and forgets about this business trip bs.

Falcons offense is formidable and here's one reason noone notices,...

And then there's Matt Ryan who has become an elite NFL QB regardless fantasy types ignoring him early on, Tony Gonzales' classless remarks leaving out of Atlanta and despite still gaining huge passing yards behind STILL a suspect O-line.

So to beat the Falcons ya gotta keep them under 20 points and run the clock on offense. The Falcons defense is servicable but can be gashed by a fine RB and a running QG, like Bridgewater just might do come this Sunday.

As for the trap? Zimmer knows the Falcons top to bottom. And he's desperate for a win to get this child beating behind the franchise.