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Thread: Saints finally win a game

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    Saints finally win a game

    Saints fans tell if I'm wrong here.

    Our only Saints fan told me Payton was gonna run the ball more and not pass the ball 44 times. In the 1st game in Atlanta it appeared Payton was forced to pass the ball but in week #2 in Cleveland that was the plan and it worked, almost. A late drive and a FG won the game for the Browns.

    What I saw today was something that Payton and RYAN wanted to get done. The rushing numbers today aren't fantasy football stuff but Payton remained stubborn with the run. And I have a theory about Payton's madness.

    He's putting the onus on the defense this season. Payton can argue,..."we have the QB, great RBs and the best(or highest paid) tight end in the league. The O-line is good and we also have Colston and the rookie at WR."

    So now it's all on Ryan. And the Saints defense responded today allowing only 9 points,...their new philosophy imo.

    Play clock control and play tough defense. Damn that sounds like the Falcons from 2008 to 2012. It works during the regular season but no so much in the playoffs. I'm sure Payton realises that much. He's probably like,...just get my ass into the playoffs and I'll unleash this offense as my defense has become hardened through the battles for the last four months.

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    The Saints have been pretty successful running the ball, but Payton has the "disease". Pass downfield. The vertical passing game is his amphetamine.

    The defense did well. I am not to excited by it, because the Vikings were missing their best player. That would hurt any team. We were hurt a bit too, missing our starting Running Back as well as Starting strong-side linebacker and #2 CB. But missing A.P. would be a MAJOR blow to any team.

    Teams are threatening our Linebackers. They are our weak point in the defense, and really weak against the pass. Atlanta and Cleveland used the screen and bubble pass to a "t" to eat yards like there was no tomorrow.

    With our starting center out, we may start running more, as our backup center is more of a mauler-type and not as good pass-blocking. The Saints were 15-15 plays run/pass. (Although they were running out the clock for part of that). The only time I have seen Payton use his running game is in the 4th quarter - it is the only real "clock-control" Payton really ever uses.

    It is one game.
    Against a team with it's star player out.
    At home
    Against a team that lost 30-7 the week before.

    I am going to curb my enthusiasm.
    I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. - Thomas Jefferson

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