When the Falcons play the Bucs,...oh no not again and this early!

When the Falcons play the Panthers it's gonna be a good clean game, usually close. When the Falcons play the Saints it's like who knows what will happen. In lots of cases the lesser of the two teams win the game. The Bucs? Whenever the Bucs and Falcons play it usually has definite consequences good and bad.

Remember the Bucs were in the NFC North until realignment. The Falcons faced the Bucs twice before 2002 and both games were not pretty. Lots of personal fouls and fights and it continued after realignment when the new NFC South Division was created. Something about Tampa hates Atlanta maybe I dunno.

Damn this is a short week. The Bucs come in ofer and the Falcons look like the University of Alabama could take them right now, you know those elephants or whatever they worship in Alabama.

The Bucs QB reminds me of the Bengals QB, efficient but can throw downfield. It was difficult to predict Sunday's game in Cincy, but even I wouldn't have predicted Ryan throws 3 INTs. That alone,...even after all the sacks, no team can overcome poor play, yeah some do but it's rare.

Okay one last thing. The Bengals exposed the Falcons O-line AND the D-line. Another performance by those two units like what we saw in Cincy will mean a home loss in prime time baby!

The Bucs don't wanna be embarrassed in prime time but I have a feeling the Falcons aren't into embarrassing well,...because they can't.