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Thread: 3 points faves

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    3 points faves

    Pretty much what was expected although with any respect it should be at least 4 or 5 points. And there's lots of games close in spread.

    When there's so many games so close in spread that's when the it sperates the men from the girls, or something like that. Remember we men are supposed to cater to ladies when it comes to football. Come to think of it, women don't wager on football like men do, hmmm.

    Was told the game starts @ 4:30 Sunday in Minnesota. As far North as they are it'll be dark by 5:00. But the lights'll be a shinin' in the dome.

    The Vikings are not a bad football team.

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    They are not bad, but without AP they are one-dimensional.

    oh, and they are starting a rookie quarterback. I would take Atlanta all day long on this bet.
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    There is nothing consistent about our D Xardoz, that is where I see the Vikes doing well and keeping it close. Bridgewater looks like a level headed QB, and Nolan has seldom had 2 good D showings back to back.
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