Ya see,...I have ESPN. And don't think everyone has ESPN because they don't.

Got a bad feeling about tomorrow's game regarding the Falcons. Yeah they had 10 days to rest up, get healthy after a TN game and all that but playing a game away in a dome against a talented team knocks all the bs away.

Atlanta is walking into the past and believe me, more Vikings fans remember 1999 all too well. Well,...not those Vikings fans born around that time. All they remember as babies their parents raining hell and wondering why.

Just me but I can't foresee a Falcons rout. Not that it matters cause I thought the Bucs would make it a serious game and then the Falcons score 50+ points.

The Vikings are not the Bucs, a team in definite disarray is Tampa, similar to another Florida team in Jax. The Vikes are not in that much disarray even after losing their starting QB and the child beater. Imagine a healthy big-time RB in they offense.

So,...knowing that Mike Smith ANYTIME he's ahead in score will be conservative I'm expecting a close game and in honesty predicts a Vikings win with the rookie QB and a backup RB that isn't such a backup. And then there's the defense that saw the Saints last Sunday. They'll be ready boys, guaranteed.

And then there's Zimmer.