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Thread: Two Games in, lets take an honest look at the job Idzik has done

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    Quote Originally Posted by JWilly View Post
    It's fair, i was believing in Sanchez in year 2 also. But it was scarier with him. And it was more based on his footwork and his athleticism and his playmaking ability. He was not the pure passer that Geno is RIGHT NOW and that is the most fundamental component of success for an NFL QB. I also think that Geno is playing SMARTER right at this moment, (last 6 games I'm talking about) than Sanchez was early year 2. So I do think Geno is a better bet right now. And for the record i was never saying that kind of thing about Sanchez. I was making the arguments for why I COULD believe in Sanchez and all he needed to do was clean up the ugly mistakes. (Very similar to my current Idzik stance actually) I was saying he could, not he would, and I was not calling him a "good bet." I was more just giving the reasons not to give up on him really. But Geno I believe is currently, already smarter than Sanchez in that dumb mistake category and more importantly a much better pure passer and ACCURATE passer than Sanchez ever was, year 2 or year 4 and 5.
    And thats fair too. But Sanchez also had experience runing a pro style offense whereas Geno ran the spread. Geno is better physically then Sanchez but where I see the biggest differecne between the two is the maturity level. Part of that is basic personalities and part is on Rex for how he handled it all. So yes, Id agree Geno has a somewhat better chnace then Sanchez does to be a FQB...but its far from a solid bet at this point. Vinny had ALL the tools but could never get over the "killer mistake" hump to ever be a true FQB. The killer mistakes have to stop...soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JWilly View Post
    The tried too Pope. They failed. Yes, it deserves criticism because it was just what I said, a failure, but the "plan" was not to be where we are at CB. Call it a whiff, a miss, a failed attempt, maybe call it a lesson learned??? But he tried to sign two different CBs, plus drafted a 3rd rounder. So to date, this is unquestioned Idzik's biggest failure to date, and that weighs against his successes to date with equate to putting a drastically better total teamon the field in 2014 than he did in 2013. And then add in how many slots higher we'll pick in 2015 as a result of the CB scenario and SPENDING the $20m as I expect he will, and we'll see.

    Just out of curiousity, who are the UFA CBs next year?
    1. CB deficiency
    2. Not adding more to the WR corp (other then Decker) either via FA or a premium pick in the draft
    3. His 2014 draft choices in general

    To me those are hs biggest "whiffs" this off season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSGold12 View Post
    The killer mistakes have to stop...soon.
    Yes, but hey, that's true for every QB that ever came into this league. Vinny never became great because he never fully got over it, and Sanchez never even became "good" because he never got over it. It happens. It's the norm actually.

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    C'mon Ham its all about building depth!!! look at all the depth we've obtained in this draft...Oh wait

    I would rather have had gates running routes last week, and Im not talking san diego's...thats how bad our WR corp is. thank goodness geno is mobile and buys us a few key first downs

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    Who doesn't have weaknesses?

    The Patriots made it to the SB with the #31 ranked D #31 against the pass in 2011. The Giants made it with the #27 ranked D #29 against the pass, #32 ranked rushing attack.

    Trash. NFL draft lottery caliber Ds.

    9-7 teams make it to the SB now.

    Are the Jets the best team in football right now? Probably not. Can they stay in the hunt long enough, get hot at the right time? That's the question.

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