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    No indication

    A win to start the season is always good, BUT, this game was no indication of the rest of the season. We will see if having the entire preseason to prepare for the Saints can carry on beyond this game.

    The Saints have so many weapons I feel the Falcons were lucky holding them to 34 points, this next game in Cinci will tell more about our team than the Saints game. I've seen it too many times after squeaking out that first win you see a different team next Sunday.

    I'll have to read up on Cinci, it will be up north, maybe in the first snow of the
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    Don't sound like you're optimistic about the Falcons going 2-0. I'm definitely not optimistic about that just happy it won't be 0-2 before facing the Bucs on TNF.

    In the past we saw Falcons winning the first game and then losing the next 4.

    One thing is certain, depending on one late FG at the end of the half then depending on two 50 yard field goals to win the game won't get it. That's,...what is it,...9 points? No damn way this stands as the NFLN and everyone is talking Falcons. Even that bs civil war crap. They used to save it when Sherman marched through(Packers/Giants) but no more.

    The Saints have a great team and will beat the shit out of the Falcons later this season.

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