It's party time this coming Sunday morning! Oh the memories from the old stadium days when everything was outside and Saints fans would invade tail gate parties. We learned to bring more beer and food when the Saints came to town. And they were, ARE so much fun people.

Okay,...the Saints will score at least 4 touchdowns, 1 a quarter or maybe none in a quarter and two in another and two field goals. That's 34 points. So how will the Falcons deal with this? They have two choices. One is to try to outscore the Saints with a control type passing game the other is to control the ball on the ground and keep Brees off the field as much as possible. I haven't checked the line because it don't matter unless you're wagering money on the match. Even then it's like who knows?

This is the Falcons Super Bowl in wekk #1,...I know call me crazy. But a loss to start this season could have a domino effect especially where and which team the Falcons face in week #2.

Always, ALWAYS watch for some wierd stuff to happen Sunday in the game.

Saints 34
Falcons 31