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Thread: Throw or/and run it

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    Throw or/and run it

    What should we expect Sunday?

    After turning into a pass-happy team the last three years now the Falcons O-coor says they'll be a run first offense in mentality. Okay then. The Falcons did retain 4 running backs on the active roster so it appears they may *try* to be an old school offense.

    A friend posted here, a Saints fan, saying he thinks the Saints will try to be a 50/50 run-pass type offense. I dunno but knowing Payton it seems difficult to grasp that concept BUT I trust this Saints fan cause he's been true from the start.

    So if both teams wish to control the clock, protect the QB with a run attack we might see some kind of game between Atlanta and New Orleans that resembles a match from the late 80's. And I'd love to see another 20-17 game, a score these two teams have had win or lose many many times. And if this is to be the case it'll be a fast game.

    btw,...the Saints scare the crap outta the sports media based in California and the Northeast, especially those in the Northeast. Those talking heads out West have the Niners and Seahawks to crow about nowadays. But I promise everyone here, fans of the NFC North and AFC North are sincerely more concerned about the Saints and Panthers than the Falcons.

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    This is gonna be a tough game.
    Both teams play each other close. Records don't matter. Statistics don't matter. It will be close, anyway you cut it.

    On paper, I would say the Saints.
    .... but like I said. All that stuff does not matter.
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