The Falcons must score more points than thier opponents to win games,...well duh. Nearly every team the Falcons face this season, maybe other than the Bucs, can score 38 points in any game. Rule changes have worked and given the refs are told to call any contact by D-Backs opens the game up to Arena League area. Lots of preseason games have both teams scoring 50, 60 and 70 point games. So guess what,...the Falcons must score lots of points.

Who knows what this new defense will offer?

That's the new leader of the defense who has played well but been burned many times as well.

As Jett posted, the "unknown Defense" so goes it on offense. Falcons have the running back, finally back to practicing this week, they have the two big time WRs and *maybe* a scheme tilted toward the run as they've been harping on all preseason. Offense, well defense too, football is a game of overpowering your foe and using deception.

Who knows what the Saints will face in week #1? The Saints damned sure don't.