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Thread: Is this an experiment?

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    Is this an experiment?

    With our newly signed R tackle out for the season the powers to be are going to employ the rookie which is understandable, AND they are moving him to the L side putting the guy who could not even spell block on the right side. if you drafted him to be the right tackle use him now at that position, if Baker does return, he now can be labeled injury prone not to mention his age and the type of injury he sustained.

    Tice has his hands full trying to improve the line blocking from last year, if he is able to improve from last year. Given the stats from last year I hope it improves. Thankfully we have a good back up this year, but he will suffer the same fate as Ryan if they do not improve.
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    It is looking like a good year for Matty's chiropractor.

    Man, y'all cannot catch a break on the injury front. That is how it goes sometime. 2008 was bad for the Saints, and so was 2009 - but they were able to adjust in 2009 and look what happened.

    All is not lost.
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    True, and given the way things work in the NFL some guy may step up and be a gem. There's 2 more preseason games and I amost wish they'd sit the starters until September, but yeah. There are and will be plenty of linemen when cuts get deep into rosters of teams. This is where Dimitroff and Co. may have a weakness. And to avoid politics, lots of it is politics.

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