Fascinating, because that's the tendon they use to reconstruct a knee with an ACL tear. They cut the middle of the pattellar, I always thought it was called a patella, and run it where the torn ACL goes and they attach it with aluminum screws.

Dammit man,...I'm already getting sick of this season just because of the players we've lost ALREADY. Yes, I know a few other teams have lost several players too but c'mon this is ridiculous. I'm moving in Goodell's direction about having only 2 preseason games. But I wouldn't make it an 18 game season. That would cause more harm to players and their safety than anything imo. Problem is when you buy a total season ticket package it comes with 10 home games. Get it?

So now Matt Ryan's blind-side is in jeopardy when he's gonna *try* to throw the ball.

Last night's game,...the Texans are a good football team and they play straight up without the bs like trash talking. The Falcons looked like a team without a leader. Shit, all the fucking leaders are walking around on crutches. Sorry,...it just don't look like I'll be spending much money on football Sundays knowing the Falcons are gonna revert back to the 80's and maybe win 5 games at best.