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Thread: Politics and ALL sports

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    Politics and ALL sports

    Politics and sports are familial in todays times, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN was made to publicly apologize for a comment about domestic violence he made in regards to a pro football player being suspended 2 games for this crime.

    Smith stated that a woman should not provoke a man is how his media brothers and sisters reported it, and of course, as the media does, did not play and report the entire statement. The powers to be at the 4 letter network decided not to suspend Smith.

    My wife and I were both married once before we met, her ex shot her 3 times with a 38, I say this only because, once my wife heard the completed sentence Mr. Smith said she agreed with him. If a victim of a horrible act like this has no problem with it then the liberal media was looking for controversy.

    Once again the media was ready to crucify someone for utilizing their first amendment right because it offended the liberals.
    Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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    and now.....

    The media just likes to fry their own children.
    .... especially if they say something poignant and not mainstream.
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    The writer of that article called Rice's comments IDIOTIC. When does the media now call people idiots? Well now I guess.

    I'm leaning towards Rice because I despise the media. Rice has a right, as Jett pointed out, to speak his mind. And the media obviously has the right to destroy Rice, as they always intend to do. Reminds me of a certain journalist, an iggles fan, who enjoyed bringing everyone down.

    This is a tough one for me. He has the right to speak his mind firstmost. But maybe saying the woman was kicking his ass so bad he had to fend her off at all cost proves his monkey ass don't need to be playing a man's game to begin with.

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    I would say that is funny, given my occupation I saw a progression of the domestic violence laws, and if a man or a woman shows any evidence of injury, be it aggression or defending yourself, in Georgia you go to jail! Cops could care less the aggressor, by the time I retired both parties go to jail regardless!

    So I can't bash Rice, Smith, who made the mistake of having an opinion and verbalizing it, then not suspended, now suspended for a week proves xardoz point, the article stating "THEY MAY have seen his apology hollow and self serving"

    I don't really care for him but Smith is a walking thesaurus, cramming every commentary with uncommon words, I've seen his statement......IN FULL, and his full, and still see nothing wrong with his comment or apology.

    I guess I'm just out of touch.
    Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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