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Thread: David Berlinski exposes the farce that is Darwinian evolution

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    David Berlinski exposes the farce that is Darwinian evolution

    For those who are unfamiliar with his work, Dr. Berlinski is widely recognized as one of the most brilliant minds on the planet. He is also neither Christian or a believer, but a Jew (whose parents escaped from Nazi Germany, grandfather was killed at Auschwitz) who by his own admission is an agnostic. However he believes that much of science in the late 20th and 21st century has been politicized and is very much agenda driven, and there is no greater example of this, according to Dr. Berlinski, than Darwinian evolution which he exposes as a complete fraud. Dr. Berlinski has also written and spoken extensively on this claim by Richard Dawkins and others that science essentially disproves the existence of God. Berlinski argues that the opposite is true, that in fact more and more evidence in the sciences, properly understood, is pointing to the idea of a super intelligent mind behind the creation of the universe and all living organisms. Berlinski does not claim that this proves the existence of God, but that the opposite claim is a complete lie.

    Anyway here are some quick sound bytes on Darwinian theory.
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    The video is slightly blurred, but this is a really interesting conversation about the correlation between Darwin and Nazism.

    This one is a little longer, but a very interesting conversation between Berlinski and Peter Robinson from the Hoover Institute.
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    Ham you are my brother and I love ya but please. Nazism and evolution? While there are some common elements, eugenics is a very different thing than natural selection over time.

    Evolution is not truly proven (and it probably never will be unless we get a time machine) but there's a boat load of evidence and more evidence appearing every day.

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    Bit, did you watch the first video I posted, and the second?

    If you are not willing to hear the mans critiques, then there's really nothing to discuss.

    However if you did listen to his critiques, tell me exactly where he is wrong, because so far there are no prominent scientists stepping forward to publicly and vigorously dispute his most salient arguments. This man is a brilliant scientist/mathematician who couldn't be more dismissive of Darwinian theory. Perhaps there are some arguments around the edges, but his most salient points of contention with Darwinian theory or his mathematics have gone virtually unrefuted, which proves Berlinski's point that A) the sciences have been politicized, B) there is no real testable and verifiable evidence any serious mathematician can accept, C) there is no serious self-inspection in the sciences anymore, thats a myth, there is only rigid uniformity and peer pressure to conform, D) the scientific community derives great pleasure from Darwin because it allows them to sneer at people outside of the academy who still believe in God, and E) "one of the reasons why the scientific community embraces Darwinian orthodoxy with such an unholy zealousness is just that it gives them access to POWER, its as simple as that; power over education, power over political decisions, power over funding and power over media. No-one in a society which is openly contemptuous of religious expression in any form wants to be identified with the side in which the intellectuals and the leaders of taste and opinion are going to snicker. Its human nature. Tremendous amount of pressure to conform to socially accepted beliefs, strategies of evidence, appraisal and alike", but when closely examined it becomes clear that Darwinian evolution is a gigantic leap of faith, it also believes in miracles, and ultimately it is a creation myth without a creator.

    In conclusion, Berlinski is not opposed to teaching Darwinian theory in schools despite his objections, however he would like to see the discussion opened to present some countervailing views. At least to the extent of appraising Darwinian theory in the context that realistically portrays it for what it is, "a kind of amusing 19th century collection of anecdotes that is utterly unlike anything we see in the serious sciences. That would be my favorite position; 'yeah biologists do agree that this is the correct theory for the origin and diversification of life, BUT, here are some points you should consider as well ... 1) the theory doesn't have any substance, 2) its preposterous, 3) its not supported by the evidence, and 4) the fact that the biologists are uniformly in agreement about this issue could as well be explained by some solid Marxist interpretation of their economic interest."

    "That would satisfy me"
    , Berlinski adds.

    As for the Darwin/Nazi connection, Berlinski explains the connection quite clearly in the second video I posted, so I'll let him speak for himself.
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    Haven't watched the clips yet, but I will warn you that the bot doesn't read or view much here, he just spouts off like a loose ignorant cannon most of the time. So you aren't going to get any "close examination" or serious discussion from him. Just regurgitated talking points, sophomoric argument, and glib hubris.

    But the connection between Nazism and neoDarwinism is quite obvious (and Marxism, btw). Both adhere to a materialistic world view with no God and while subjecting humanity to the "survival of the fittest" mantra. So the nature of man is reduced to a highly evolved animal. Furthermore, life is not sacred if it is not made in "imago deo", or the image of God. So why not kill it inside and outside the womb, euthanize it, desecrate it, experiment on it, and so forth. After all, there is no truth and no moral absolutes, so anything goes and the ends justify the means.
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    IBG, Berlinski makes the connection to Marxism as well. He illustrates very clearly how both fascist-socialism (Hitler, Mussolini et al.) and communism (Stalin, Mao et al.) derive from Darwinian theory, two Godless ideologies which resulted in the bloodiest century in world history.
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    LMAO .. just started watching the first clip and they used my word for bit in describing Berlinski .....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Jets & Ham View Post
    IBG, Berlinski makes the connection to Marxism as well. He illustrates very clearly how both fascist-socialism (Hitler, Mussolini et al.) and communism (Stalin, Mao et al.) derive from Darwinian theory, two Godless ideologies which resulted in the bloodiest century in world history.
    I have seen Berlinski in other interviews (I believe he was in Ben Stein's movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed too). Definitely a bright mind and very objective.

    A couple other authors and members of the DI I really like and admire are William Dembski and Stephen Meyer.

    The foundational making of the ID Movement started largely with Phillip Johnson. He was first to expose the corruption within the scientific community and to make the connection between evolution as their secular religion. So, understand, when you go after Darwin or criticize evolution, you get the full fire of the Establishment coming down on you like a ton of bricks. This is like telling a Muslim that Mohammed was a fraud and Allah is a figment of their imagination. Darwin is the high priest of paganism/hedonism now, and why you see his name emblazoned in fish on cars. You are undermining their entire worldview and dogma.
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    More and more evidence he claims, when it is quite the opposite.
    Ain't nobody better mess with the fine feathered figaro!

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    wait a minute!!! I thought ALL INTELLECTUALS WERE IN 100% AGREEMENT of evolution and Abiogenesis. to this day nobody has a clue of how amino acids became proteins and formed DNA. and that's what the religion of evolution bases their belief structure on. "the heavens declare the glory of God..." Humans are still the only creatures which ask the question, WHY?

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