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Thread: 49 years old this season

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    49 years old this season

    Yep, the Falcons will be 49 years old,...

    This might be a long post, so most of you go take a nap.

    Something is missing with the Falcons wanting to win a Super Bowl. The way they're going around is stupid cause they make things harder than they are. Sometimes I wonder if the Falcons brass realize they are dealing with human beings.

    People talk about football movies and we've seen them all. One that struck me was one that noone seems to recall. It was about the Steelers.

    The Steelers sucked in their early days but one year they hired Chuck Knoll. Knoll gave the players unlimited authority like when a guy was dogging it during practice and later three Steelers in the locker room got his mind right, so to speak. This is the thing.

    These people were serious about winning games and winning it all! They wanted to be the best and they damned sure made it happen.

    I will say Knoll allowed his defensive players to be,...ummm,...dirty. Thus the name Mean Joe Green. It wasn't just Mean Joe. All the Steelers front 7 were animals. Then Knoll has the gall to preach to Jerry Glanville about such protocal.

    Anyway, as long as the Falcons approach things like they've been doing it's not going to be pretty. The Seahawks and maybe the Niners, the Patriots and the Steelers are serious about winning the Super Bowl. The Falcons? It just might be a business to some.

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    That certainly seems the case, happy just winning seems to make them content. OR "making to the playoffs, where anything can happen"
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