Here we are again talking protection and run blocking. The O-line along with other positions was addressed at

With the additions in free agency and the draft, along with players coming back from injury, this line doesn't look so bad,...on paper.

As usual my concern is center which should've been taken care of back in 2009 but we had to trade a pick to acquire a HOF TE who in my opinion is a loser, and keep a washed up 275 pound veteran center that kept being pushed into Matt Ryan's lap. I know Jett, I'll never let it go will I?

If Baker stays healthy and we get some semblence of blocking in the interior line this might bode well for the offense. As we already know the Falcons have leaked it out that they wish to run more of a power offense,...GREAT! That's given your big time running back and some overachievers can get through the hole.

Hey ya'll, last season the Panthers tallied 10 sacks against the Falcons O-line, SIX in one game! For Matt Ryan to break all those franchise passing records was amazing given he had no time to study the field(downfield passing).

Mike Tice has lots to do with the Falcons O-line. Hope he does better here than when he coached the Vikings.