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Thread: Dimitroff's picks

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    Dimitroff's picks

    As ya'll know the Falcons have three general managers now. Dimitroff took over for McKay but McKay still remained as a Falcons mentor, so to speak. Now we have Scott Pioli in the ranks.

    It's time for Dimitroff's draft picks to perform.

    It's definite the head coach and both coordinators have a say in draft picks but it all comes down to the GM, whichever one he is now. One player who comes to mind is a defensive end. He's about 6'4" and goes around 250. As a rookie he scored a defensive touchdown few will recall. But where the Hell has he been the last two seasons? A former 4th round pick Massiquoi has been invisible. And there's other players like all those late round picks at linebacker we never see. Last draft the Falcons picked two LBs in the,...7th round?

    Not complaining here, since 2008 the Falcons have been wonderful,...until last season. But it's time for some of those draft picks to show us some good stuff.

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    Yes, the Belichek comparison does not apply until there is production from those picks.
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