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Thread: Rodney Dangerfield, Roddy-Ice

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    Rodney Dangerfield, Roddy-Ice

    Back when Dan Reeves was the head coach I'd often post something like,...welcome to being a Falcon Danny boy. Reeves is still considered an elite NFL character but not when he coached the Falcons those 6 and three quarter seasons.

    Matty Ice?,...welcome to being a Falcon.

    ESPN, NFLN, Disney, NYTIMES, AJC, etc. didn't have poor Matty ranked in the top 100 players for 2014. 1st thing, do these idiots have crystal balls to gaze into so they see the future? 2nd thing, did any of these experts see that Ryan broke franchise records in passing attempts, yardage and completions? Ummm,...behind the worst O-line in the league? This is an awful omission but then again, you Matty are a Falcon.

    I'll never forget Ellis Johnson, a fine defensive tackle in his time as a Colt and a Falcon. After the refs allowed the Packers O-line to hold constantly giving Aaron all day to throw, game being played in Green Bay of course, Johnson said this, "I know we're just the Falcons but that was ridiculous." That was a post game statement made that could've cost Johnson a fine. And the thing is Ellis realized this whatever it is about the Falcons. The media gives them nothing, the networks constantly market the Cowboys, Steelers, Patriots, Broncos, Niners, now the Seahawks since they don't suck anymore.

    Jamie Dukes tried to sound good saying Ryan should've been on the list. Damn that list. Now that Tony is gone Ryan will rediscover his wide outs and with some semblance of a run threat,...oh well, it's just early July.

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    Not worrying about toni's numbers and having a TE that can block should help the run game
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