For many years the media keeps saying the Bengals will be the team to beat in their division, never happens. Might this season if they can get by the Browns, but anyway. Lots of people are already talking Super Bowl, a last Super Bowl appearance for Tom, great. We went through that with Ray Lewis and the attempted glorification of Tony Gonzales. Bye Tony.

This is a Falcons forum so let's go.

Fly under the radar right now, like in 2008 and 2009 and get some quick, early wins. A problem is that the Falcons have invested heavily in WRs, the QB and RB. On paper there'll be points scored as long as everyone stays healthy and the *new* O-line gives Ryan time and opens things up for Jackson.

The defense? Who knows? The Falcons people are keeping this quiet since the loss of their best defensive player for the season already. May as well play that crazy swarming bs one of those Ryan boys concocted, or do like Glanville and put all 11 defenders on the line going after the football.

Happy 4th to all. Football is here.