The hats in the Falcons store are cool. You can get the flat brim or fitted to head size or adjustables. I wear a Falcons hat most everyday at work, sometimes a Braves hat. So people see the hat and ask often, "how will the Falcons do this season?" Man,'s tough to be real sometimes.

It would take more time to explain than I have.

Quickly, look at the schedule for one thing. It is brutal. Any time you face the AFC North it's tough. Add having to face the NFC North??? I promise there will be some NFC South teams hurt some teams in those divisions. The Bucs, Panthers and Saints are not playing tiddly winks boys and girls. But in the same thought there will be a couple NFC South teams find it difficult against some great teams.

Yep, a Falcons site I have been called Debbie Downer.

Ya'll know me, ask a question and you get an answer. When asked how the Falcons would do in 2014 I said it would be great if they break even at 8-8. Caught Hell for that answer.

It's too early. Two factors are the defense and this changing the offense ro some degree. Lawd knows there's time for analysis.