Read a little diddy this morning that was half-right and half hilarious. The mistakes people make writing about the Falcons is amazing, not knowing who played when and where and stuff like that,'s really funny because it's been happening for decades and like crazy people they keep making the same mistakes over and over.

Ahem, anyway, a prominant sports site claims the Falcons O-line will have only one returning starter from last season. hmmmm,...That would be the left guard, all 335 lbs. a guy drafted in 2007 by Petrino. But they also wrote the Center would be new when both centers played last season, Konz and Hawley. I guess that can be called a new starter.

And yes, the Falcons picked up a tackle and guard both vets and drafted the starting right tackle.

But what about Sam Baker at left tackle?

As a betting man I'd bet, barring preseason injury, Baker starts at left tackle in September. And adding to that funny notion is the Falcons don't have anyone better than Baker at left tackle. Just one little gem here,...IF the Falcons want to run the ball this season they can run left behind Baker like they did when Mike Turner rushed for more yards in a 3 year span, second only to that Vikings back. Not many know of Baker's ability to run block. It's better than his damned pass blocking, I know that much.

One day I'll get to the defense. Hell it's almost like the sports media already knows the Falcons defense will be a beast this coming season. Cause they aren't saying much about it.