pnp once touted this site. A guy named aaron freeman obviously runs it and he's most likely the worst Falcons fan that ever lived, if he really is a Falcons fan that is.

He compares the 2nd round pick, DT Hageman as another Jamaal Anderson???? You know, the guy who was a 1st round bust? Anderson was a DE from ARK whilst Hageman is a true DT. How can this be a bust draft pick at another position?,...the mfer is no Falcons fan.

Through the years this embecile has made so many blunders it's comedic. Like Terrence Moore, another idiot. freeman wanted the Falcons to draft the DT NOT RYAN! Where's that next Warren Sapp you two idiots?

I despise fakers and this guy is the ultimate of all. He has ZERO love for the Falcons organization,...he ain't even from GEORGIA don't live here! He is a wannabe elitist and good for him. He posts on his widdle site with a few minions that tea bags himwiddleself.

We lost the real journalists years ago,...the Bishers even Pasquarelli was good at stats and trivia. Now it's stone cold idiots who really have no affection for the franchise. They see it as a way to get the fame and money like,...what's his name on the NFLN? Stevie WYCHE??? F*** him.